Advent Market – Sun Nov 20


What is the Advent Market?

Our Advent Market is a community fundraising event. The money raised helps supports and maintains the church and priory.

In other words, we get together in the parish hall, enjoy refreshments and buy things from various stalls that parish volunteers have set up.

On the way to Bethlehem

How can I help with this fundraising?

The best way anyone can help is to come to the market and spend a little bit of money (prices as low as 20p)

You can buy raffle tickets in advance (£1 each, £5 a book) after most weekend Masses.
You can also donate goods that we can sell at the market – bottled goods, cakes, toys and unwanted gifts are very welcome. Just bring them to the church and hand them to one of the priests or the Sacristant.

Prepare the way of the Lord

What can I buy at the market?

  • Refreshments – tea and coffee, fruit juice and mince pies
  • Breakfast – after the 8am Mass – bacon and egg baps with vegan option
  • Lunch – after the 10.30 Mass – roast turkey rolls, curry and samosas.
  • Raffle tickets – £1 each or £5 for a book – top prize £100
  • 50-50 draw – 20p per ticket – one winner only, receives half the takings – maximum £100 prize.
  • Cakes, toys, Christmas cards and gifts
  • Our famous bottle tombola
Thangel Gabriel from Heaven came

What are the raffle, 50-50 draw and bottle tombola?

  • The raffle is a really big fundraiser – if everyone buys at least one ticket.
  • There are over 2000 tickets, especially printed for the Holy Cross Advent Market.
  • When you buy a ticket, you write your name and contact details on a ticket stub and return the stub to the raffle stall.
  • All the stubs go into a big box and one of the priests will mix them up and pick out the winning stub.
  • The person whose name is on the winning stub receives £100.
  • The priest will then draw out another stub for the second prize – £50
  • There are two more major prizes – £25 each and other prizes.
  • The draw takes place towards the end of the market.
  • All money raised from the raffle goes to Holy Cross church
  • The 50-50 draw is like the raffle but tickets are only 20p
  • There is only one winning ticket
  • The winner receives half of the money raised from the ticket sales
  • There are 1000 tickets for sale so the maximum prize is £100
  • The bottle tombola stall has a table full of bottled goods, including soft drinks, wine, beer and spirits.
  • Each bottle has a raffle ticket attached to it. These raffle tickets end in either a number 5 or a 0.
  • You buy some tickets, without seeing the numbers.
  • If the number on any of your tickets ends with a 5 or a 0, you win the bottle that has that number attached to it.