Supporting the Friars

The community of Dominican friars at Holy Cross carries a great burden here, providing many different ministries in Leicester and Leicestershire.

Help us at least to remove the burden from them of financial worries.

Covering Living Costs

Holy Cross has to be able to support the living costs of the community of six friars plus the maintenance of the Priory which is their home, as well as a small number of support staff who help them to cope with the administrative burdens associated with ministry.

The parish alone is not able to cover all of these costs, so some of the friars need to have other sources of income in order to support the needs of their community. These include going out to do paid ministries in the local prison, or to university students.

Tight Budget

Even with these outside sources of income, the annual budget remains tight, and so there is pressure on the friars to seek out more external employment, rather than focussing all of their energies on the mission here at Holy Cross.


If we can increase the annual income of the friars, especially through making monthly giving commitments to support the Priory, this helps take the financial pressure off the friars and gives them the space to develop their ministry at Holy Cross.


Current annual donations to the Priory: £45,000 (unrestricted funds)

To Find: £20,000 extra per year

Please help us to achieve our goals! Sign up now for a monthly giving commitment.

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