The Frassati Centre

A New Community Centre

Holy Cross Priory benefits from two large halls and one small hall within the complex of buildings adjoining the church. The two large halls are on the ground and first floors within the frame of the original 1819 church on this site, and the smaller one is adjacent to them, sharing a common lobby area.

Current Challenges

Despite its size the complex is underused and not best able to serve the groups that use it:

  • Lavatories in poor condition
  • Kitchen too small and unhygienic
  • Heating (blow heaters) ineffective and costly
  • Lobby area unwelcoming and dark
  • Outdated electrical wiring
  • First-floor hall currently unused due to poor accessibility and leaking roof
  • Poor decorative condition throughout
  • Insufficient storage space for groups

Addressing the poor state of these facilities has become urgent, as it threatens our partnerships with groups such as Leicester City of Sanctuary.

Regeneration and Relaunch: Oct 2019 – Sept 2020

Our plan is to fully regenerate and transform this complex, relaunching it as a new pastoral centre to be known as ‘The Frassati Centre’.

It will be named after a popular 20th-century Italian lay Dominican, Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati (1901–1925), who is known for his wisdom and devotion, care for the poor, and sense of fun.

This exciting project would allow us to improve greatly the services offered to the local community, and open the centre out to new beneficiaries.   

New Spaces

  • A new reception area will make the building more welcoming.
  • New rooms will be created by dividing the unused first-floor hall and adding new lift access:
    • additional rooms for concurrent groups to meet
    • private spaces for prayer, counselling and study.

Who will benefit?

Current groups using facilities

  1. Leicester City of Sanctuary (100).
  2. Artzone (50)
  3. First Love Church (100)
  4. Weightwatchers (30)
  5. Breakfast Club (20)
  6. Children’s Liturgy (30)
  7. Sunday social (50)
  8. Students’ Sunday lunches (20)
  9. Pensioners (50)
  10. Faith development (30)

Additional planned parish uses

  1. Events promoting Catholic social teaching, in partnership with the Las Casas Institute at Blackfriars Hall, Oxford
  2. Welcoming ex-prisoners, homeless people, etc for support and counselling
  3. Increased hire for family events

Prospective external groups interested in using renewed facilities

  1. Prison chaplains (c.12)
  2. School headteachers (22)
  3. CTiL (Churches Together in Leicester)
  4. A range of diverse community groups.


Raised: £180,000

To Find: £207,000

Timetable: complete by Sept 2020

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