Church Heating

Ensuring a Warm Welcome for All

The current church heating system is so antiquated that currently, during the cold months, the Prior must turn it on manually in the early hours of Sunday morning in order for the church to be warm enough for Mass-goers.

Replacing an Inefficient Heating System

Our heating is currently delivered using an inefficient blow heater. This wastes a lot of energy and heats the church from the top down, so the people are the last to be warmed.

Underfloor Heating

We are working to install underfloor heating. This will deliver a steady warmth directly to the people in church, and will be far more energy-efficient.

The new heating system can be laid in a thin layer on top of the current floor, and then new more attractive flooring laid on top. So as well as a warmer church, it will improve its appearance too.


Raised: £-

To Find: £144,000

Timetable: complete by Sept 2021

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