Church Heating

Ensuring a Warm Welcome for All

The current church heating system was installed in 1987 and has reached the end of its working life. The boilers are not as efficient as modern systems and consume £10,000/year worth of gas as of 2022 wholesale gas prices.

Replacing an Inefficient Heating System

Our heating is currently delivered using a warm air circulation system. This system unfortunately wastes a lot of energy and requires modernisation with better controls and also improvements to the fan system (the air destratifiers). New boilers will be much more efficient and consume less gas compared with the existing setup.

New system

We had previously considered an alternative setup such as an underfloor heating system. This would have cost over £250,000 and would have required most of the existing flooring to be removed and replaced with new surfaces. Although underfloor heating is more effective, heating engineers have advised against this due to the high capital cost and it would need to be running constantly in the winter months.

The new heating system will be similar to the existing setup, and will cost around £70,000 to install.


Raised: £-

To Find: £70,000

Timetable: complete by Sept 2022

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