New Mass Under Consideration

Permanent combination of the 9:30 and 11am Sunday Masses: we are reviewing the number of Sunday Masses at Holy Cross and our other pastoral commitments. We are therefore considering a permanent combination of the two mid-morning Sunday Masses into one solemn parish celebration at 10:30am. This will provide us with more opportunity to come together as a parish community, and more space on Sunday mornings to engage in the catechetical and pastoral outreach that is necessary. As a smaller Dominican community, we feel the time is right to face this challenge now and do it positively, rather than be forced into it suddenly in the future. Obviously it will involve some adjustment for many. Over the next few weeks we will think about it and pray about it. Then we will organise a meeting. In the meantime, please raise any thoughts with fr David.

New Organist and Director of Music Required

We need to seek a new Organist and Director of Music. The successful applicant will have suitable qualifications in music and will be able to demonstrate proficiency in organ playing. The person appointed will have responsibility for directing a choir, organising and providing liturgical music for  Mass each Sunday, and additional services as agreed with the Parish Priest. For more information and to apply, please see Fr David, the Parish Priest, or contact him at

Holy Cross Community Energy Project

There is plenty for everyone to get involved in the Holy Cross Community Energy Scheme.  This is a great chance for Holy Cross to achieve something meaningful in the community, and inspire others to do the same.  If you want to get involved, have your say and make a difference, please come to our project launch meeting on the 26th July at 7pm

The aim of our project

To install 42kWh of solar panels on the roof of Holy Cross within the year.  this will:

  • Generate green electricity for the priory, saving on bills
  • Create an income we can use to benefit the community
  • Help the environment

How we’ll do it:

We’ve joined with local co-operative Green Fox Community Energy, who have a lot of experience setting up community energy projects.  They’ll help us to start our own co-operative to run the project, source funding and negotiate legal and planning aspects.  Once the project is under way, Green Fox will help us to produce and launch a share offer to raise money for the installation.

How we’ll pay for it:

The government has a new Urban Community Energy Fund which should cover the initial costs of setting the project up, undertaking feasibility and producing a share issue.   To pay for the installation itself, we’re proposing to sell shares in ownership of the panels, which will come with competitive dividends.

This is a better method of funding than a normal loan because it keeps ownership of the panels within the community and allows for more of the profit to go towards charitable aims.  We can also use tax rebates to increase the returns for those buying shares creating an ethical and rewarding investment.

Church Cleaning

We all like to see the church clean and sparkling ― but this doesn’t just happen of its own accord! There are two groups from the congregation who clean the church once a fortnight each, alternating week on and week off, on a Thursday or Friday (or whatever day suits them). They badly need more volunteers to help them. If you would be willing to join them on a regular basis, please contact Bernard Marriott on 0116 285 6158, or email him at Thank you.

Children’s Liturgy

We have started a special Liturgy of the Word for children during the 9.30 am Sunday Mass. It is intended for children of approximately Primary School age. They will need to be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Please see Br Andrew about enquiries or further details.

Interested in Becoming a Catholic?

If you would like to find out more about becoming a Catholic, have missed  out on Confirmation, or are simply interested in refreshing your  memory, then there is a series of meetings at Holy Cross just for you called “Into Faith”.  For those that want to become Catholics, the meetings also form part of our Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults  programme (RCIA) the official route into becoming a Roman Catholic.   The Into Faith meetings will start afresh in  November 2014.  To find out more – please contact: Father David via   The full course consists of about 10 meetings spread out between November and Easter which can culminate in Baptism and Confirmation at the Easter Vigil if appropriate.

Why You are Living Stones?

As members of God’s family, we are all living stones, and each and every one of us has a vital part to play in the Church by proclaiming the Word of God (our prophetic mission), celebrating the liturgy & the sacraments (our priestly mission), and serving our brothers & sisters in the community in which we live (our kingly mission). You are Living Stones has helped us to think and pray about how we do this as the Church in our Diocese of Notting-ham. But it is now time for us to begin putting our findings into practice across the Diocese. See the full document here: You Are Living Stones Update – Autumn 2013