Dominican saints

Towards our Jubilees

In 1817, a Dominican Priest fleeing the French Revolution, Fr Benedict Caestryck OP, took up residence in a house at the top of Dover Street. That same yeara site of marshland was acquired between Wellington Street and New Walk, by Richard Raby Esq, a local wool spinner. He began to drain the land, and Fr Benedict began to build Holy Cross Priory. The first Mass would be celebrated on Sunday 14 September 1819. Many years later, on 15 May 1958, the present Priory Church was dedicated.  As we mark two centuries since Fr Benedict and Richard Raby began to erect Holy Cross Priory, and as we prepare for the Diamond Jubilee year of 2018 and the Bicentenary year of 2019, let’s begin by praying for the courage and vision shown by our founders all those years ago, and work together now for our future.